#improvisation #freecore #experimental #beauty #noise

#improvisation #freecore #experimental #beauty #noise

Cause is 
a brand new berlin based improvisation project.  
intense.  immersive.  inspiring.  live sessions - free improvisation - no arrangements - no songs. rainer noisseville (git, b) and SonYa (dr, b, git, key, trp) 
together with most different musicians and most beloved friends. Cause is 
free and new. Cause is all, all is Cause.  ©2023 Berlin


#improvisation #freecore #experimental #beauty #noiserainer@noisseville.com#Berlin #Saarbrücken #Cologne 

#improvisation, freecore, noiserainer@noisseville.com#Berlin #Saarbrücken #Cologne

R/S/M/Z – A Simple Equation is an audiovisual project by guitarist rainer noisseville and visual artist Maike Zimmermann. It presents a unique sound combination of electric guitar/bass and the hybrid autoharp played by Maike. Raw noise and filigree, deep sound textures. Live with visual performance by Maike Zimmermann. © 2022 Berlin

A Simple Equation _ Lichtenberg Session 3

© 2022 R/S/M/Z a simple equation Visual Maike Zimmermann

VielLeicht is a german 
freenoisecore improvisation band project, 
berlin/saarbrücken. massive. intense. fragile. delicate. unsettling. inspiring. live sessions. 
free improvisation. no arrangements. no songs. heavy drums. noise guitar. immersive voice, tender and brutal, inside out emotions unheard before. #freenoisecore #experimental #improvisation #power.  Andreas Kwesch (voc), rainer noisseville (git), Dr. Ant (dr).  © 2022

new project: L-U-T-Z on VielLeicht © 2022 Saarbrücken/Berlin


BRANE is a Cologne based session project by fatagaga (sample treatments) & rainer noisseville (guitars) together with most different musicians and most beloved friends #Miek Hausmann #Wilfried Hanrath #Matthias Schwarz #Sascha Woltersdorf #Sebastian Schlüssel and more to come! © 2022, Cologne

© 2019 BRANE @ Satori Hype Records

„Virus“ object & digital collage by Stefan Zöllner © 2015

© 2022 BRANE live feat. Miek Hausmann (dr), Wilfried Hanrath (b)

skeleton machine was a powerful freenoise improvisation duo by rainer noisseville (g), Klaus Müller (b), active from 2019 to 2021 , Berlin and Saarbrücken, ©2021[ Wikipedia: „ Skeleton is a winter sliding sport in which a person rides a small sled, known as a skeleton bobsled (or -sleigh), down a frozen track while lying face down and head-first. The sport and the sled may have been named from the bony appearance of the sled..]

all albums are recorded live sessions - no arrangements - no overdubs - no aftereffects

skeleton machine _ Trailer Video by Philip Müller all rights reserved ©2020
skeleton machine _ Trailer Video by Philip Müller all rights reserved ©2020

fatagaga - sample treatments.  rainer noisseville – guitar.  schwarzbrut – drums.  andreas techler – saxophon.

TOURETTE was a free noize project from Cologne, Germany, active from 2011-2016. The project name changed several times over the years. It started off as „fatagaga’s radical noise“, played some shows as „fatagaga“ and was reborn as „Tourette“ in 2014.

Tourette - If you like it or not. Video Art by Stefan Zöllner - all rights reserved © 2015
Tourette, Glashaus, Worringer Platz, Düsseldorf, 2014Video by MAX
"In Gold We Trust" Album ©2011 Tourette @ Satori Hype Records

Cover Artwork by Stefan Zöllner © 2011

"Micky On Drugs" Album ©2014 Tourette @ Satori Hype Records

Collage by Stefan Zöllner from the series „Interjection“ © 2010

Tourette feat. Mary-Noelle Dupuis @ ShitCologne 2015 Tiefgarage

#improvisation #freecore #experimental #beauty #noiserainer@noisseville.com#Berlin #Saarbrücken #Cologne 

rainer@noisseville.com#Berlin #Saarbrücken #Cologne#musicians, sessions, projects#improvisation, freecore, noise